I’ll be back Australia!

By the time you read this, I am flying somewhere above the North Pacific Ocean. As I sat in my room packing my items one by one I reminisced on the adventures and people I’ve met here. I had the opportunity to see the most gorgeous places in Australia. It was just yesterday that I was ready to go start my first week of classes here and now I look back and this semester flew by. I came to this country with only my luggage and the backpack on my back. Everyone one I’ve met here has shaped me to be a better person, I’m leaving better than you found me. I leave with so much memories that will last forever and friendships that’ll last a life time. I didn’t know how my time here could have gone, but I can tell you now that I had the time of my life. Now I am sitting here at the airport ready to board my flight home. It’s a bittersweet feeling.

I want to thank everyone I’ve met, and Thank You Australia for being good to me! Until next time.




Melbourne Trip

I finally had the chance to explore the Great Ocean rode with two great friends a couple weeks back. We explored everything finally driving by the Great Ocean Road. I finally saw the 12 Apostles, Loch Ard Gorge, London Bridge, and just seeing the ocean view for hours. In Melbourne, we walked around a lot and view I would say the tourist areas. I went to the top of the Eureka Sky deck, and at night I viewed the city from the Melbourne star. This was an incredible trip that I enjoyed view much, I’m glad I made it down there.

Tomorrow it’s the Queen’s Birthday, so it’s our day off. But I will just be spending my day studying as well other Uni students here. As the days go by, it is sinking in that my time studying in Australia is coming to an end. All the people that I’ve met have made it worth while.

– Yoko


IMG_6945 IMG_6747IMG_7011 IMG_6310IMG_6663 IMG_7304IMG_7841 IMG_7595IMG_7657

Australia in May

I haven’t had a chance to write for a couple of weeks, so let me catch you up on what’s gone on so far.

Even though some of you may not believe me by the pictures i’ve posted that I’m actually here to study. I’ve been pretty busy writing essay’s and working on assessments for my courses here. I’ve learned a lot about Aboriginal people in Australia, I find their life’s, and culture very intriguing.

I still manage to have a little fun, earlier this month I atended my first AFL (footy) game! Even though at first I had no clue what actually was going on, this man next to us explained the basic scoring system and then everything clicked! Unfortunately, the Sydney Swans did not win the game, I enjoyed watching my first footy game on a rainy day.


On my free time here I go and visit my Koala and Kangaroo friend’s at Blackbutt Reserve. Every time I see these little critters I’m just as excited as the first time saw them.


I’m sitting here and thinking to myself that I have about a month and some weeks left here in Australia. I’m actually thinking of just staying here. 👏🏽


– Yoko

Sprang Break 2015- Part 2

Monday- We had a day to explore the beautiful Airlie beach! 

 IMG_4286IMG_4266 IMG_4292 IMG_4305

Tuesday- White Water Rafting in the Tully River! I got an extreme sun burn that day.

IMG_4405IMG_4372 IMG_4369

Wednesday- When in Cairns you Bungee Jump! 


Thursday- Great Barrier Reef awaits! I scuba dived in the great barrier reef and had the chance to see Nemo.

IMG_4482 IMG_4487 IMG_4539 IMG_4614

Friday- We walked in the rainforest to see the wonderful Crystal Cascades. It was also our last night all together.

IMG_4716 IMG_4747

Thank you for these memories!


Sprang Break 2015

I am just sitting here thinking of the past 10 days I spent in the most incredible places with the greatest people ever! There it goes from the Gold Coast up to Cairns.

On Wednesday April 1st my housemate Tessa and I learned to Surf in what better place than Surfer’s Paradise in the Gold Coast! I was very scared to learn since the waves were really rough on that day. We first learned the basic names of the surf board and the terminology of how to hold and stand on the board. We then went in to the rough waters, were trust me I got slammed around but I just stood up and went back in. I had an amazing time just trying to ride a wave. 🙂IMG_2682 IMG_2765IMG_2771 IMG_2818

Thursday– The One Fish 2 Fish tour began! We met in the Brisbane bus terminal were we loaded the bus and our 1st stop was the Australia Zoo home of the Croc hunter! I finally got to see Kangaroos, Koalas, Crocs, Snakes, Wombats and birds. I felt like a little kid running around looking for all these animals. To bad it was raining but we all invested in our Australia Zoo Panchos!!

IMG_2992 IMG_3008 IMG_3060 IMG_3070

After the Zoo we headed to Rainbow Beach were I saw the most amazing Sunset and view in my entire life.

IMG_3194 IMG_3217 IMG_3221 IMG_3250

Friday– We drove on the Sand Dunes in Fraser Island and spotted a Dingo! We arrived at Lake McKenzie where the water was the most beautiful blue fresh water on this earth.

IMG_3353 IMG_3401 IMG_3458 IMG_3547

Saturday- We sailed to our island home were we dropped off our bags and then went snorkeling in the clear salt water. This is the day I had a glimpse of paradise in Whitehaven Beach.

IMG_3628IMG_3641IMG_3647   IMG_3664

Easter Sunday was spent on a boat! We all relaxed and soaked up the sun all day.

IMG_4047  IMG_4116IMG_4097IMG_4071

to be continued…..

Just Living Down Unda!!!

This past weekend I made it down to Sydney, finally! The last time I was there was when I just landed. This time I went back with my friends and it was an amazing experience!! So first of all I did not pack for the weather, I was expecting a nice sunny day, but there was an overcast and rain. I will tell you that my friends and I made it a greatest weekend so far!

We made it to Chinatown in Sydney, which I absolutely loved! I made my best investment yet which was my self stick. Leaving and arriving at Sydney all happened on Friday. So for Saturday, I woke up under the weather but I still powered through the exciting day! We made it to Queen Victoria Building which is a huge shopping center (biggest mall I ever seen). I actually got lost in there I can’t believe how may stores are in that historic building. With out a doubt we had to go grab a hot chocolate at Max Brenner ( it was amazing as always).

After that we made our way to Darling Harbour which was very beautiful, I loved seeing the water so blue. We spent time there, then we grabbed a bite to eat in the Queen Victoria Building. Then we headed to the famous Sydney Opera House!! I was so excited I just wanted to run around, and thankfully for my self stick I was able to capture amazing images to share with you all. From the Sydney Opera house we had a great view of the Harbour Bridge as well.

Well that all happened on Friday and Saturday, but for Sunday I had a Beach Soccer Tournament. It was my first time playing beach soccer, and I would have to say it was a lot harder than it looked! I was in the Orange team! (Hooray) We had a great time playing in the rain, and in the sun (once it cleared up). I can say we are all troopers, we played rain or shine. It will be an experience of a lifetime, then I would look over and see the ocean just 15 feet away from us. In the end our Orange team got eliminated but before that I scored a GOAL!!!!

Here are some pictures so you can view!


IMG_1781IMG_1660 IMG_1682IMG_1813IMG_1894 IMG_2007IMG_1875 IMG_1906IMG_1915      IMG_2051 IMG_2082IMG_2198IMG_2183IMG_2315 IMG_2343 IMG_2374

Enjoying Australia

Hello again!

It’s been about 3 weeks and one day that I have been in Australia. I have meeting some many people here in Newcastle, there are a lot of people from all parts of the world. I’ve also been see at lot of beautiful places and different beaches, which I am falling in love with Australia more each day. I recently learned to swim!! Well I am not no Michael Phelps but I can stay afloat by myself at least for about 15 seconds. Thanks to my friend Chloe for teaching me and telling me to just keep swimming. This week will be my third week of classes here, and I love each class I am taking. I am going to outline what I’ve done so I won’t bore you with all this writing. I went on a Dolphin Cruise, Nelson Bay and I did see Dolphins! I would have to say that I have drank the best Chocolate at Max Brenner. I also attended the Beaumont St. Carnivale, which I purchased the best shaved ice!

– Yoko

IMG_1523 IMG_1558IMG_1606IMG_1480IMG_0955 IMG_0995IMG_1009 IMG_1394IMG_1385IMG_1277 IMG_1274 IMG_1244IMG_1301

A week in Australia!

Hoy se completa una semana en Australia! He conocido mucha gente de diferente partes del mundo, y también de aquí en Australia y es increíble. Ya he ido a la playa dos veces, y fueron dos diferente playas. La primera fue a Nobby’s beach y fuimos con estudiantes de aquí en Australia y internacionales. La segunda playa que fui, fue a Bar Beach y en esa playa hubo con cursos de Surfing. Todo es muy bonito aquí, el cielo se mas azul y la gente muy amable! Aquí hay una fotos de mis aventuras hasta luego!


I have completed a week here in Australia! I have met a lot of people from different parts of the world, and even from different parts of Australia and it’s incredible. I have been to the beach twice, and both have been different beaches. The first beach was Nobby’s beach and we went with international students and students from Australia. The second beach was Bar Beach and Surfest was going on. Everything is very beautiful here, the sky is bluer, and the people are friendly! Here are some photos of my adventures, later!

IMG_0651 IMG_0509IMG_0578IMG_0700 IMG_0741 IMG_0712 IMG_0711

Day 2 in Newcastle!

Today I woke up around 4:35am Australian time, can you believe it that is way too early!! (I didn’t wake up that early back home) While I was up at that time and I decided to finish watching “How to get away with murder”, I will let you all know I am now caught up and ready for the new episode tomorrow.

Yesterday, I met my three my flatmates! Two of them are from here in Australia and my other flatmate is from the States. 🙂 They are really nice people and super friendly. I love the Australian accent, (it is hard for me it is hard to understand sometimes) but I enjoy hearing it.

Today I attended orientation, and it was a long day let me tell you. I arrived at the Griffith Duncan Theatre where there were others already waiting. We received a water bottle and a bracelet with insert repellent scented on it to keep those little critters away. While waiting I met a girl from Germany and Singapore(both very sweet girls). We finally went into the theatre area where we sat for about 2 hours and 30 minutes while the International advisors talked to all the study abroad students about getting involved and meeting new, and also our academics and how to balance it all. After that we proceed to the Bar on the hill (a pub) where I ate my first Australian hotdog! After that I joined and campus tour to familiarize myself with the place I will call home for a couple of months. Everything is so green around here and super humid and hot (but not hot like back home). I am starting to get a tan and I did load up with sunscreen before I started my day. After all that walking I came back to my room and I chatted with my flatmates for a while. I watched the News for a while (I love the news, plus I keep up to date with what is going on here in Newcastle).

I am now sitting here on my bed typing this up before I go to bed, while you are waking up getting ready to start your day.

P.S Traveling alone what’s that bad, just hauling my luggage around was the tough part. Plus I have the chance to meet really nice people, and very helpful once I asked for directions to certain places.

This whole week is planned with activities and I can’t wait to see what is to come. Well that is it for today, I think I am going to love it here! Well Have a good night/ Good day.

IMG_0245 IMG_0251 IMG_0252 IMG_0268


The day has arrived!

Right now, it is Thursday February 12th. I sit with my luggage half packed and I am still wondering what else I will need. I am just a day away from leaving my hometown of Phoenix, AZ to begin a new adventure. I am very excited and nervous to see what adventures are waiting for me.

I have been waiting patiently for February the 13th to come, and it has arrived! Today I spent time at home, and went to eat at the food trucks downtown for the first time. Once I looked at my watch it was time for me to head to the airport. It was hard for me to says my “see you later” to my loving family. I am seating here waiting in my gate area to depart to LAX. I will soon log on once more before I leave this beautiful country.

Did I mention, if you are reading this I am currently on my way to Australia!  I will see you when I return but for now, Hasta Luego!